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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Firefox 0.9 is out

  • The new Extension and Theme Managers:
    • do away with the redundant confiration dialog box that showed after you had already clicked the Install button,
    • do not ask where you want the extension/theme to be installed,
    • support updating extensions/themes,
    • allow multiple extension installs before restart,
    • and look far more attractive.
  • Inline autocomplete is available by setting the browser.urlbar.autoFill hidden pref.
  • Text can now be dragged to the address bar or search bar.
  • Individual autocomplete results can now be deleted.
  • Right-click a text box to "Add keyword for this search".
  • The installer now imports data from nearly any other browser.
  • The progress bar is now more accurate.
  • Help is now included.
  • There is a new theme, which I consider much less attractive.

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