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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Brian's Gift Ideas

Deserving Nonprofit, Open Source Software Projects

The Mozilla Project
Makers of the excellent Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, and more.
A massive infrastructure for programmers, providing resources for thousands of projects, including the individually deserving cURL, 7-zip, FileZilla, Programmer's Notepad, PopTray, GhostScript, jEdit, and PDFCreator.
The Apache Software Foundation
The source of many important software projects, such as ant, fop, SpamAssasin, and the Apache web server.
Another collaborative environment for programmers. Home of Subversion and TortoiseSVN.
The free image viewer. It can read and convert nearly any graphic file.
A language for automating typing and clicking. After all, the whole point of computers is to release humans from mindless tedium.
SpyBot Search & Destroy
The front lines on the war against spyware. SpyBot cleans up infections.
Prevents spyware from being installed in the first place.
The GNU Image Manipulation Program; a powerful graphics editor.
The GNOME Foundation
Home of the GNOME Free Software Desktop, including the Epiphany web browser (based on Mozilla), Evolution, and Dia.

Laudable Charities & Nonprofits

The Wikimedia Foundation
Support Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Electronic Frontier Foundation & DigitalConsumer.org
Movie companies and TV networks are making it illegal to skip commercials, fast forward past previews, and even record certain radio and TV shows. Recording industry companies want to control what kind of devices we can use to listen to music. Copyright law has been badly distorted in favor of exploitative companies that have wrested legal ownership away from artists. Help preserve what little rights we have left.
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Can't we have one tiny corner of our lives that is not completely saturated by insipid, vacuous advertising and scams?
Electronic Privacy Information Center & Americans for Computer Privacy
Remember when 1984 sounded scary, but unlikely? Remember when Big Brother was a universally rejected concept?
BlackBoxVoting.org, The Center for Democracy and Technology & MoveOn.org
Accurate voting and an informed electorate are critical to our democracy.
American Civil Liberties Union
Help protect freedom!

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