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Friday, September 24, 2004

Fedora apt Repositories

  • Get apt and synaptic at FreshRPMs.net.
  • FedoraExtras: rpm http://download.fedora.us/fedora fedora/2/i386 os updates stable
  • FedoraExtras: rpm http://rpm.livna.org/ fedora/2/i386 stable unstable testing
  • rpm http://apt.sw.be fedora/2/en/i386 dag
  • rpm http://apt.atrpms.net fedora/2/en/i386 at-testing
  • rpm http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/ redhat/en/i386/fc2 newrpms
  • rpm http://apt.sw.be dries/fedora/fc2/i386 dries
  • rpm http://ayo.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/2/i386 core updates freshrpms

Friday, September 17, 2004

lame options for grip

-h -V 0 --tt %n --ta %a --tl %d --ty %y --tn %t --tg %g --tc %i %w %m

Monday, September 13, 2004

How to convert your Windows Server 2003... to a Workstation!

In a nutshell:

  1. Add a user: control userpasswords2 (or rundll32 netplwiz.dll,UsersRunDll, lusrmgr.msc is more advanced); uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer to auto-logon
  2. Remove Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (useless mode) from Add or Remove Programs
  3. Install Sun Java
  4. Disable shutdown event tracker: gpedit.mscComputer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemDisplay Shutdown Event TrackerDisabled
  5. Install drivers
  6. Display PropertiesSettingsAdvancedTroubleshootHardware AccelerationFull
  7. dxdiagDisplayEnable all
  8. services.mscWindows AudioAutomatic & Start
  9. dxdiagSoundFull
  10. System PropertiesAdvancedPerformanceAdvancedPrograms (both)
  11. Install DirectX
  12. Visit Windows Update

Saturday, September 11, 2004

More thoughts on the state of SF

Star Trek, as science fiction, died with Gene Roddenberry. Don't get me wrong, DS9 was powerful and my favorite series of the franchise, in terms of entertainment value. But, too often, the writers would simply insert [TECH] into the script where they required deus ex machina (this is true). There was almost no pursuit of where an idea would lead, or how a deeper understanding of the universe could improve (or imperil) our existence.

Excellent examples of contemporary genuine science fiction (GSF) include:

The state of Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a form of fiction which deals principally with the impact of imagined science and/or technology upon society or individuals.

The slashdot article and discussion Slashdot | Is Science Fiction About The Future Anymore? has touched on something that has bothered me for a few years now.

The job of SF is to ask "what if", and examine the effects. It's a way of auditioning scientific priorities socially. Remove the science and you just have fiction.

To too many, sci-fi is just a setting for a story: in the future, maybe traveling in space, lots of "computers". Sadly, this is the prevailing attitude for nearly all SF writers anymore (certainly all "mainstream" "entertainment", including Star Trek).

<rant>This attitude infuriates me for two reasons: First, it is anti-intellectual to regard the whole of science; all mathematics, physics, information theory, sociology, cosmology, ...; as a minor implementation detail. Second, it lulls the general populous into thinking that science is "indistinguishable from magic": utterly unknowable, unapproachable, fearsome, and cannot be trusted.</rant>