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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Fix for XML::DTDParser Perl module

XML::DTDParser 1.7 was not parsing all of my attributes correctly, and I noticed that my 'IDREF's were matching as 'ID', leaving an extra token 'REF', and forcing the regex loop to stop.

The module works fine after changing line 18 to:

my $AttType = '(?:CDATA|ID\b|IDREFS?\b|ENTITY|ENTITIES|NMTOKENS?\b|\(.*?\)|NOTATION ?\(.*?\))';

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

IE7: Clearly a sign of desperation

So, after winning the browser war, and then completely abandoning any real innovation (like finishing the product so it understands web technologies), and becoming a millstone to all web developers, we're supposed to be impressed at a vague announcement that there will be a new IE this summer?

After months of maintaining that MS is not concerned about Firefox in the face of an incredible adoption rate, they suddenly change course and suggest that there will be a new IE for Windows XP, not just for Longhorn. Apparently, those of us who are aware of what they have done to the web, with their perfunctory support of basic web technology, are supposed to forget just how badly they have hurt the Internet ecology, and like a beaten domestic partner, come back for more?

Don't get me wrong, I like Firefox personally, but I favor no browser software as a developer. I want a fairly even market split because, as we have seen, competition is the only reliable driver of innovation. All I ask is some basic functionality; I'll even wait a reasonable amount of time if there is some indication I can expect improvement.

I really do hope we can expect improvement in IE7, but with the hostility some in the MS community have shown those who ask MS to support the specifications it helped write, I very much doubt any real advances.

IE7 To Do List

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Microsoft vs. the individual programmer

An entire generation of programmers has been turned into script kiddies by VisualStudio wizards. Too much detail is hidden from the person writing the code.

For example, try finding any resources on creating a COM control using mingw. Try even finding a book on COM (a technology old enough to have been supplanted by .NET) that isn't merely a tutorial on using VisualStudio. Even O'Reilly & Associates, a company with a celebrated history of documenting open source solutions, is guilty.