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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New System Complications

OK, the more astute among you may have noticed that case was going to be a problem.

Not only is the power supply wrong (an issue I had planned to address with an adaptor ), but, as enormous as it is, it's too small for the mainboard. The Tyan Thunder K8WE is a freakishly large 12"×13", requiring the new SSI EEB 3.5 case size, and an EPS power supply, the pair of which could easily cost me $800. Not having that kind of cash, I am now casting about for a reasonably priced, attractive, non-rack-mount case with a useable (preferrably modular) PSU. Here are a few suggested by Tyan:

Here are some other possible candidates (that do not appear to be available in the US yet):

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