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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Top Barriers to Firefox in the Enterprise

  1. Expensive committments to web apps that were advertised as "web-based", but were actually "IE-based"
  2. No centralized administration of settings (proxy, home page, search, other locked features)
  3. Unfinished customization tool (CCK)
  4. No automatic authentication (Update: negotiated auth is supported!)
  5. Does not use standard Windows profile location for cache, which bloats roaming profiles
  6. Does not support lousy MSHTML/MSCSS/MSDOM known to lazy programmers unwilling to update their skillset
  7. Does not support ActiveX controls, which can be a crutch, but sometimes terribly useful (like DateTimePicker and MonthView)
  8. Does not support CSS-BE (HTC), necessary to trick IE into advanced functionality built into all modern browsers
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