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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dvorak's Vapid Take on Creative Commons

JD starts his article by explaining that he can't figure out Creative Commons (apparently he missed the Learn More link). This doesn't stop him from writing two pages about it, making broad pronouncements, though. In fact, he's decided that since he cannot figure it out, it must just be "trendy"--"There is no other answer" he proclaims.

For some reason, he seems to think registration and paperwork are necessary (they aren't). He complains about excesses in the current copyright system, which is what CC was written to address, but completely misses the point. Paradoxically, he whines about CC weakening the copyright system as he bemoans copyright being too extreme. He spouts some piffle about restrictions for commercial use (which is only one option of the license, if the creator decides to include it).

It must be great to be a columnist: you get to write endlessly about things you don't even have to pretend to understand! Plus, you get to use the word "dumb" a lot.

Here's Creative Commons in a nutshell, as condensed in a slashdot post: "Creative Commons is a way of *giving up* some rights. But without giving up *all* rights."

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