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Monday, August 15, 2005

NetApplications report on Firefox stats

NetApplications has sent out a press release that has been picked up by Computerworld, The Mac Observer, Digg, The Register, and others claiming that Firefox usage has dropped 0.64% in July.

Apparently, all of these news sites trust this company's interpretation of these stats implicitly, since they do not trouble themselves to provide any additional sources to corroborate the story (TheCounter.com reports a 2-point increase). Nor, as one WaSP reporter points out, do they offer the margin of error for this report, or address the suspect methodology (NetApplications.com only counts the sites using their service).

I'd like to know what WebSideStory, Google, and others have seen.

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Brian said...

IDG (the parent of ComputerWorld and others), for one, has responded: IDG accepts criticism of Firefox stats article