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Friday, December 30, 2005

XP PowerToys Changes

So, the new TweakUI 2.10 finally allows you to install it on a Windows 2003 machine, but it no longer permits unattended installation. So, is Microsoft going to stop providing unattended installers for administrators, or is this the work of a single idiot lawyer?

Also, has anyone gotten the new SyncToy to even start up?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


[user starts Outlook, then minimizes it and starts working on something else during the protracted loading period]
[Outlook jumps to front]
[user minimizes Outlook, resumes working]
[Outlook jumps to front]
[user curses, minimizes Outlook]
[Outlook jumps to front]
[user gives up working to wait for Outlook to continue loading and stealing focus]
— stage direction from This is where you will go today!, the musical

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Local Machine Lockdown

So, just to be clear, if zone security isn't working out, the best course of action is not to fix it, but to start raising the security level for lower-security zones?

Opening local content, such as HTML documentation or XML files, since XP sp2, results in a confounding, infuriating info bar authorization prompt that does not remember your decision, so opening the same XML file requires the same tedious steps each time.

It's a good thing Microsoft is protecting us from their own default XML stylesheet. Folding XML tags can be pretty dangerous.

Mac/Konqueror Browser Data

While updating the BrowserFiltering page, I generated some Mac (and Konqueror) BrowserCam shots: common object properties and script MIME types, CSS2 system colors and fonts, and a full property listing for window and document objects.