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Thursday, November 30, 2006

MS LogParser Recipe: Local Time and Human-Readable Browser + OS

select to_localtime(to_timestamp(date,time)) as when,
coalesce(s-computername,computer_name()) as server,
extract_filename(LogFilename) as logfile, LogRow as line,
coalesce(c-ip,'') as ipaddr, coalesce(replace_chr(cs(User-Agent),'+',' '),'') as useragent,
coalesce(cs-uri-stem,'') as path, coalesce(cs-uri-query,'') as query,
coalesce(cs(Referer),'') as referrer,
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'LWP::Simple/') when 1 then strcat('Perl script ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'LWP::Simple/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'PSP+(PlayStation+Portable);+') when 1 then strcat('PlayStation Portable ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'PSP+(PlayStation+Portable);+'),0,')'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'WebTV/') when 1 then strcat('WebTV ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'WebTV/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'BlackBerry') when 1 then strcat('BlackBerry ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'BlackBerry'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Danger+hiptop+') when 1 then strcat('Danger hiptop ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Danger+hiptop+'),0,';'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'UP.Browser/') when 1 then strcat('UP.Browser ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'UP.Browser/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Picsel-ePAGE-Browser/') when 1 then strcat('Picsel ePAGE ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Picsel-ePAGE-Browser/'),0,'+'))
strcat(strcat(strcat(strcat(strcat( strcat(strcat(
-- browser name
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Opera+') when 1 then strcat('Opera ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Opera+'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Opera/') when 1 then strcat('Opera ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Opera/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'iCab+') when 1 then strcat('iCab ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'iCab+'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'iCab/') when 1 then strcat('iCab ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'iCab/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Netscape/') when 1 then strcat('Netscape ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Netscape/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Netscape6/') when 1 then strcat('Netscape ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Netscape6/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'MSIE+') when 1 then strcat('MSIE ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'MSIE+'),0,';'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Firefox/') when 1 then strcat('Firefox ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Firefox/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Safari/') when 1 then strcat('Safari ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Safari/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Flock/') when 1 then strcat('Flock ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Flock/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'OmniWeb/v') when 1 then strcat('OmniWeb ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'OmniWeb/v'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Konqueror/') when 1 then strcat('Konqueror ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Konqueror/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'K-Meleon/') when 1 then strcat('K-Meleon ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'K-Meleon/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Camino/') when 1 then strcat('Camino ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Camino/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Galeon/') when 1 then strcat('Galeon ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Galeon/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Epiphany/') when 1 then strcat('Epiphany ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Epiphany/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Firebird/') when 1 then strcat('Firebird ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Firebird/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Phoenix/') when 1 then strcat('Phoenix ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Phoenix/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Links+(') when 1 then strcat('Links ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Links+('),0,';'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'+rv:') when 1 then strcat('Mozilla ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'+rv:'),0,')'))
end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end,
-- operating system
strcat(case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+') when 1 then
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+NT+6.0') when 1 then ' Windows Vista'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+NT+5.2') when 1 then ' Windows 2003'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+NT+5.1') when 1 then ' Windows XP'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+NT+5.0') when 1 then ' Windows 2000'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Windows+NT+') when 1 then strcat(' Windows ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Windows+NT+'),0,';'))
else strcat(' Windows ',extract_prefix(extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Windows+'),0,';'),0,')'))
end end end end end
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Win98') when 1 then ' Windows 98'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Win95') when 1 then ' Windows 95'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Win+9x+4.90') when 1 then ' Windows ME'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'WinNT4.0') when 1 then ' Windows NT 4'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'OS+X') when 1 then ' Mac OS X'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Mac') when 1 then
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'PPC') when 1 then ' Mac PPC'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'PowerPC') when 1 then ' Mac PPC'
else ' Mac'
end end
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Linux') when 1 then ' Linux'
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'FreeBSD') when 1 then ' FreeBSD'
end end end end end end end end end,
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Media+Center+PC+') when 1 then strcat(' Media Center ',extract_prefix(extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'Media+Center+PC+'),0,';'),0,')')) end)),
-- major ISPs
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'AOL/') when 1 then strcat(' AOL ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'AOL/'),0,'+'))
else case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'CS+2000+') when 1 then strcat(' CompuServe 2000 ',extract_prefix(extract_suffix(cs(User-Agent),0,'CS+2000+'),0,'/'))
end end),
-- spyware
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'FunWebProducts') when 0 then '' else ' FunWebProducts (spyware)' end),
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'Hotbar') when 1 then ' Hotbar (spyware)' end),
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'iebar') when 1 then ' IEBar (spyware)' end),
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'sureseeker.com') when 1 then ' sureseeker (spyware)' end),
case strcnt(cs(User-Agent),'FrankenShteiN') when 1 then ' Win32.Mydoom.W (virus)' end)
end end end end end end end as browser

Friday, November 24, 2006

Edit != Execute

The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software?<br />Name: sync.cmd<br />Publisher: Unknown Publisher<br />Type: Windows Command Script<br />From: M:\<br />Run  Save  Cancel<br />Al&ways ask before opening this file<br />This file does not have a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher.  You should only run software from publishers you trust.  [How can I decide what software to run?]

Here's a major Windows security screw-up that's actually been around for a while: if you try to edit a script or batch file that Windows has decided is "unsigned" via the context menu, you are asked if you are sure you want to run it, since the publisher cannot be verified. If you choose "Run" (since you don't want to "Cancel"), Windows executes the file!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Client-side include recipe

<!--[if IE]>
<object classid="clsid:25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13" data="some.html">
<p>backup content</p>

<!--[if !IE]> <-->
<object type="text/html" data="some.html">
<p>backup content</p>
<!--> <![endif]-->

The included body, for IE, must also specify border:0;overflow:visible.

Insert HTML page into another HTML page | published @ aplus moments

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Firefox extension: Uppity

For those of you who miss the old diggler Mozilla extension, Lifehacker promulgates the Uppity Firefox extension. It eases the process of walking up a site's directory tree.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

IE7 and Firefox2: What's New?

Microsoft has finally, after five years, released an upgrade to Internet Explorer. Within days, Mozilla released version 2 of the popular Firefox web browser. So, what's new?

Internet Explorer 7Firefox 2
  • IE7 has tabs, Firefox2 has improved tabs

    IE7 adds tabbed browsing, which allows you to open links in a new tab, without leaving the page you are on. This is especially useful when searching or shopping.

    Firefox2 has added a close button to each tab, a list of recently closed tabs to the History menu, and the list of tabs now scrolls when there are too many to show.

  • IE7 has feeds, Firefox2 has enhanced feeds

    RSS feed in IE7IE7 now understands RSS, Atom, and other feed sources, to stay up-to-date with news, classified ads, and more.

    IE7 RSS feed iconRSS feeds in IE7

    RSS feed in Firefox2Firefox2 has added support for viewing feeds and adding them to your favorite feed reader.

    An RSS feed as a Firefox live bookmark
  • IE7 has a search box, Firefox2 has an improved search box
    IE7 search box

    IE7 has added a search box that allows you to search the web more efficiently, using many different sites.

    Firefox2 has integrated Google Suggest into its search box.

    Google suggest in Firefox2Google Suggest in Firefox2 as a calculator
  • IE7 and Firefox2 have both added a phishing filter

    Both browsers now alert you to forged websites.

    IE7 anti-phishing messageFirefox2 anti-phishing message
  • IE7 can shink a printout to fit a single page
    IE7 print preview
  • Firefox2 spell-checks your forms

    Firefox2 spell-checking
  • IE7 has improved security

    IE7 has made significant security gains to address persistant problems it has dealt with in previous versions, including the aforementioned phishing filter, safer web address interpretation, better control over ActiveX and add-ons, and pop-up windows now include an accurate address. IE7 also runs in protected mode, to ensure it can't do anything bad, but only on Windows Vista.

  • IE7 handles web technologies far better now

    International web addresses, and some advanced styles now work in IE, and many display problems in IE6 have been fixed.

  • Firefox2 can remember your session

    Persistent sessions in Firefox2Firefox2 automatically restores your windows and tabs, history, in-progress downloads, and anything you typed into forms after a crash, upgrade, or whenever you start (if you've asked for it).

Conclusion: IE7 is largely playing catch-up for the time Microsoft left the product fallow, but Firefox isn't waiting around for it to catch-up.

Consensus: Firefox2 vs. IE7

So, which is better? It's nearly unanimous.