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Thursday, March 15, 2007


2007-09-12 Update: ASP.NET Resources - Download "ASP.NET AJAX Client Life-Cycle Events" Cheat Sheet

2007-08-27 Update: Some more references at: Software Development in the Real World: Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide

2007-03-15 Update: There is another great reference roundup at: Our Favorite Cheat Sheets - a definition from Whatis.com. Another good source is the "cheat sheets" tag at Lifehacker.

I've been vastly outdone by stark's list at The Developer Cheat Sheet Compilation by Fuzzy Future (mirrored below}.

Command Line

  1. Windows NT/XP Command Line Reference
  2. Bash Command Line Reference
  3. Bash Command Line Programming Reference
  4. DOS Commands


  1. Firebird SQL Cheat Sheet
  2. MySQL Cheat Sheet
  3. MySQL Reference List
  4. Oracle Cheat Sheet
  5. Oracle PL/SQL Cheat Sheet
  6. Oracle 9i Server Reference (PDF)
  7. Oracle 9i Command Reference
  8. PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet
  9. PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet List
  10. SQL Cheat Sheet
  11. SQL Server 2005 Commands


  1. Ada Syntax Card (PDF)
  2. ASP/VBScript Cheat Sheet
  3. C++ Language Summary
  4. C++ Reference Sheet (PDF)
  5. C++ Containers Cheat Sheet
  6. C# Language Reference
  7. C# Programmer’s Reference Sheet
  8. Delphi Technical Reference Card (PDF)
  9. Java Syntax Cheat Sheet
  10. Java Quick Reference (PDF)
  11. Java Reference for C++
  12. JSP 2.0 Syntax Reference Sheet (PDF)
  13. LaTeX Reference Card (PDF)
  14. .NET Cheat Sheets
  15. Perl Cheat Sheet
  16. Perl Reference Card (PDF)
  17. Perl Regular Expression Quick Reference (PDF)
  18. Perl Reference Guide
  19. PHP Cheat Sheet
  20. PHP Developer Cheat Sheet
  21. Python 101 Cheat Sheet
  22. Python 2.5 Quick Reference
  23. Python Cheat Sheet
  24. Python Quick Reference (PDF)
  25. Ruby Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  26. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet Collectors Edition
  27. Ruby Reference
  28. Ruby on Rails Reference Sheet


  1. Debian Linux Reference Guide (PDF)
  2. Linux Shortcuts and Commands
  3. One Page Linux Manual (PDF)
  4. TCP Ports List
  5. Treebeard’s Unix Cheat Sheet
  6. Unix Command Line Tips

Web Development

  1. Actionscript 2.0 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  2. Actionscript 3.0 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  3. Cold Fusion Cheat Sheet
  4. CSS Cheat Sheet
  5. CSS 2 Reference Card (PDF)
  6. CSS Reference Sheet
  7. CSS Shorthand Guide
  8. CSS Useful Properties
  9. Drupal 4.7 Cheat Sheet
  10. .htaccess Cheat Sheet
  11. HTML Cheat Sheet
  12. HTML Dom Quick Reference Card (PDF)
  13. Javascript Cheat Sheet
  14. Javascript Quick Reference
  15. Javascript Reference Page * No Longer Available
  16. JQuery Cheat Sheet (PDF) 
  17. JQuery Reference (PDF)
  18. JQuery Visual Map
  19. Mod_Rewrite Cheat Sheet
  20. Scriptaculous Combination Effects Field Guide (PDF)
  21. XHTML Cheat sheet
  22. XHTML Reference
  23. XHTML & HTML Cheat Sheet
  24. XML Syntax Quick Reference (PDF)
  25. XML Schema Reference (PDF)
  26. XSLT and XPath Quick Reference (PDF)

Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Ascii Codes Cheat Sheet
  2. CVS Cheat Sheet
  3. EMacs Keyboard Shortcut Reference
  4. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
  5. RGB Hex Colour Chart
  6. Subversion Quick Reference (PDF) * No Longer Available
  7. Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  8. UML Quick Reference Card (PDF)
  9. UML Cheat Sheet
  10. Vi Cheat Sheet
  11. Vim Commands Cheat Sheet
  12. XEmacs Commands Cheat Sheet


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