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Sunday, April 01, 2007

MythTV config breakthroughs

At Re: Help Fixing overscan on HDTV, I finally found precisely what I needed to get the correct 1366×768 resolution to my Westinghouse W4207:


Re: Help Fixing overscan on HDTV


I have found to get the native resolution for my monitor is to have it probed by nvidia. This setup works best so far across many debian setups I have tried. I have a westinghouse 42" lcd native 1366 x 768 and the best I can get is 1360 x 765. I will use the prior posted xorg.conf file as an example

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "SONY TV"
#HorizSync 15.0 - 46.0
#VertRefresh 59.0 - 61.0
#Option "DPMS"
#Option "IgnoreEDID"
Option "UseEDID" "True"
#DisplaySize 720 405
#ModeLine "1280x720@60" 74.48 1280 1336 1472 1664 720 721 724 746 -hsync +vsync
#ModeLine "1216x648@60" 74.48 1216 1272 1400 1664 684 685 688 746 -hsync +vsync

Section "Device"
Identifier "NVIDIA Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x]"
Driver "nvidia"

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Default Screen"
Device "NVIDIA Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x]"
Monitor "SONY TV"
#Option "FlatPanelProperties" "scaling = centered"
DefaultDepth 24
SubSection "Display"
Depth 24
Modes "nvidia-auto-select"

Let me know how it works out.


Also, I successfully put my network script in /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh:

iwconfig ath0 essid Springfield rate auto
ifconfig ath0 down
ifconfig ath0 up
dhclient ath0
/etc/init.d/ntp stop
/etc/init.d/ntp start

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srwalter said...

You want:

Option "ModeValidation" "NoWidthAlignmentCheck"

That'll let your card run 1366x768. See http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Running_MythTV_Dual_Headed

Took me forever to find that... enjoy!