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Thursday, January 03, 2008

70-551 UPGRADE: MCAD Skills to MCPD Web Developer by Usingthe Microsoft® .NET Framework

CramSession's completely false assertion that this test is 50 questions and 90 minutes long

70-551 is harrowing.

Nowhere that I've been able to find does it mention that you are simply taking 70-528, 70-536, and 70-547 back-to-back.

In fact, the only place that gives any clue to the ridiculous, extreme length of this testing trilogy is CramSession, which claims the test is "50 questions" and "90 minutes", which is completely wrong.

I was completely blindsided when I walked in to take a test in November, and had to sit for HOURS AND HOURS taking THREE &$@^$$#^* TESTS IN A ROW!


D'ya think maybe you could at least give your victims a clue as to the scope, or at least the ORDER OF MAGNITUDE of your damn tests?


hendra said...

are you sure?
do we really have to take 3 exams again just to upgrade our certificate???


Anonymous said...

Theres only 1 upgrade exam from MCAD to MCPD 551, 552

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Brian said...

This may have changed for the .NET 3.5 exams now, but I assure you that the three "sections" I took for the upgrade were complete tests.