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Friday, March 07, 2008

More from MIX08

More about IE8 from MIX08:

  • The new Developer Tools is part of the standard IE8 install.
  • The Dev Tools have an extremely cool Trace Styles feature that allows you to look at the effective styles of an object, and determine which rule is responsible for a given style.
  • The Dev Tools contain a full-featured JScript debugger.
  • JScript may now select DOM elements using CSS selectors.
  • Using the window.location.hash property to store and retrieve state info, the back button now more intuitively supports AJAX apps.
  • JScript in IE8 can tell whether the browser has lost its internet connection (window.navigator.online) and use offline storage to persist the page state.
  • The offline data store does not use a database backend (yet), and limits the storage to 10MB/domain/tab.
  • A new object, XDomainRequest, allows XmlHttpRequest-style interactions across domains.

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