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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Warning: Do not buy Microsoft input devices

My Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander doesn't work under Vista (64-bit). It's pretty clear that Microsoft considers even a USB input device to have an expiration date, since they appear to have no plans to add this support.

I bought Bioshock recently, and it also seems obvious that Microsoft paid the developer to make using any game controller other than the XBOX 360 controller virtually impossible to set up.

So, I guess in a few years, when the next version of Windows is released and doesn't support even that controller, I'll be stuck with keyboard and mouse.

Though this approach works really well for Microsoft, and stands as the familiar degenerate case of Capitalism, I'm tired of spending money unnecessarily. Is this what a stand-alone hardware company or OS vendor would do? This isn't anticompetitive?

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