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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don't read Russian

A great deal of Cyrillic spam has made it into my various inboxes lately. I don't read Russian, so I'd sure like to be able to configure my email accounts to not accept stuff I cannot read, but this isn't an option‽

Configuring acceptable languages has been an underused but nonetheless available feature of HTTP for at least a dozen years. Why can't MTAs be configured to look for character encodings that the user cannot use? This would be a simple, straightforward solution to most of the spam that somehow currently makes it through my filters.

Update: Other languages I don't read include: Farsi, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Georgian, and Japanese. The fault lies in myself, sure, but I need an MTA that can say Let me just stop you there. before an opaque message is relayed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rockbox podcast cover art

The fastest way to add cover art to a podcast folder on an MP3 player running Rockbox:

  1. Browse to the raw feed using Firefox
  2. Press Ctrl+U
  3. Type /:im (this finds the Apple iTunes image tag, the best image to use for the podcast)
  4. Copy the URL of the iTunes cover art image
  5. In a bash terminal window, in the podcast directory, type wget `xclip -o -d` ; convert *.jpg -resize 100x100 cover.bmp ; rm *.jpg

You'll need to be using Linux, and have xclip and convert installed, of course.