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Friday, February 27, 2009

New MCE Remote: nmediapc HTPCKB

My new 2.4GHz RF Wireless Keyboard with Track Ball & Remote Combo Set is intended for a Windows MCE system, but my intent is to get it working with my MythTV setup. So far, only a few buttons on the remote work with Mythbuntu (the keyboard is just a wireless USB keyboard), but here are the details I've gathered so far:

Button showkey showkey -s xev
☒ Close 56+62 38 36 B8 BE (closes xev)
Power 142 E0 5F E0 DF
My Music
My Picture [sic]
My Video
Live TV
Recorded TV
Guide 362
DVD Memu [sic]
MCE Button 56,125,28 38 B8 E0 5B E0 DB 1C 9C Alt_L,Super_L,Return
Volume + 115 E0 30 E0 B0
Volume - 114 E0 2E E0 AE
Channel + 104 E0 49 E0 C9 Prior
Channel - 109 E0 51 E0 D1 Next
OK / Enter 28 1C 9C Return
← Back / Clear 14 0E 8E BackSpace
i Info 130 E0 06 E0 86 SunProps
103 E0 48 E0 C8 Up
106 E0 4D E0 CD Right
108 E0 50 E0 D0 Down
105 E0 4B E0 CB Left
○ Record 29+19 1D 13 9D 93 Control_L+p
■ Stop 166 E0 24 E0 A4
▶/▮▮ Play/Pause 164 E0 22 E0 A2
◄◄ Rewind 168 E0 18 E0 98 XF86AudioRewind
►► Fast Forward 208 E0 34 E0 B4 XF86Forward
|◂ Previous 29+48 1D 30 9D B0 Control_L+x
▸| Next 163 E0 19 E0 99
Mute 113 E0 20 E0 A0
1 79 4F CF KP_End
2 80 50 D0 KP_Down
3 81 51 D1 KP_Next
4 75 4B CB KP_Left
5 76 4C CC KP_Begin
6 77 4D CD KP_Right
7 71 47 C7 KP_Home
8 72 48 C8 KP_Up
9 73 49 C9 KP_Prior
* 55 37 B7 *
0 82 52 D2 KP_Insert
# 42+4 2A 04 AA 84 #
Num Lock 69 45 C5 Num_Lock
Clear / ← Back 14 0E 8E BackSpace
Enter / OK 28 1C 9C Return

The keyboard and mouse are a step up from my previous setup, since they are both RF rather than IR, and the remote is considered a keyboard, so no lirc configuration is needed. Best of all, there is a trackball in the remote, so I don't need to drag out the keyboard to watch web TV.


Bob said...

Were you ever successful at getting this keyboard/remote combo working in MythTV? I recently bought to use with MythTV.

Brian said...

I was able to add the keybindings to several keys via mythweb, but I never got it working fully.

Boxee on Linux worked perfectly with this remote, oddly enough. Even stranger, though, was that Boxee on Windows didn't really work with it (aside from the arrows, OK, and trackball).

Bob said...

Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll do some research along the Boxee+Linux path. I would really like to get every key functional.

Michael said...

This information was very handy for something I am trying in Windows with this remote. Would you happen to know where in Win7 I could change these configurations.

Brian said...

I'm only now getting dragged into (DRM-laden) Windows Vista, so I don't really know anything about Win7 yet.

Anonymous said...

Try xmodmap


I'll post if it works.

Anonymous said...

Try http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=88560


Gets all the other keys to work!

Anonymous said...

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