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Friday, March 27, 2009

IE8 has a find bar

IE8 finally has a find bar like everyone else.

No CSS border-radius support, though. :(

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mean Date Measures

  • 365.2425 mean days per Gregorian year
  • 30.436875 mean days per month
  • 52.1775 mean weeks per year
  • 4.348125 mean weeks per month
  • 260.8875 mean weekdays per year
  • 21.740625 mean weekdays per month
  • 250.8875 mean US workdays per year (mean weekdays minus ten federal holidays)
  • 20.90729166 mean US workdays per month

Thursday, March 19, 2009

IE8 Accelerators

Is it just me, or are IE8's Accelerators very similar to IE6's Smart Tags or context menu extensions? I guess it isn't just me.


IE8 has...
  • an awesome bar, like Firefox
  • native, automatic color-coded tabs, like the Firefox extension
  • Chrome-style tab process isolation
  • CSS 2.1 support (full?)
  • "Accelerators"
  • Web Slices
  • images in search box suggestions ("Visual Search")
All of the sudden, Microsoft is talking a lot of smack about CSS 2.1 support in those other browsers.

VS2010 Web.config transforms

Oh great, another XML transform language. Hopefully, everyone will make one suited to their niche, so knowledge won't be too portable. The reason? It's smaller. So I guess Microsoft will be switching all of their development efforts to APL or Perl, then?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T24F The Microsoft Web Sandbox

  • first gen: Facebook JS (FBJS), AdSafe
  • second gen: Caja, FBJS2
  • ECMA TC-39 Security Working Group
  • provides W3C standard DOM support for even IE browsers
  • provides isolation for 3rd party scripts (3JS)
  • provides QoS checking for 3JS (only the embedded [div] portion fails or times out)
  • allows integration into rest of page (not absolute isolation)
  • JSVM script, 3JS transform service converts 3HTML or 3JS into a JSON closure that intercepts all DOM namespace lookups
  • virtual title and status bar for the hosting element
  • Apache License
  • well-formed HTML only
  • no document.write()
  • no eval()
  • no JS with statement
  • debug complexity
  • performance penalty

MIX09 Keynote: Scott Guthrie

  • ASP.NET MVC 1.0
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • VS 2010: parallel web.config files (Web.Test.config, Web.Release.config)
  • Microsoft Web Platform Installer
  • Windows Web App Installer/Gallery
  • Azure Services Platform
  • Silverlight 3: people are totally using it! (NetFlix, NBC Olympics), GPU hardware support, codec support (H.264, AAC, MPEG-4)
  • Expression Web 3
  • Expression Blend 3: SketchFlow, Photoshop/Illustrator import, source control
  • Eclipse support for Silverlight
Several guests, including Joel and Jeff from StackOverflow.com.

MIX09 Keynote: Bill Buxton

  • "return on experience"
  • it's not the product, it's the experience"
  • the industrial designers from the 1920s are analogous to modern UX designers
  • Post-Its® for sequence design (like Dmitri Martin)
  • transitions are the most important part of state transition diagrams

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

StackOverflow podcast live at MIX09

Joel and Jeff (left to right) discussing (in what should show up as SO podcast #46) data formats, the importance and peril of understanding technical historical context for programmers, and chopping off the ends of the meatloaf.

MIX09 at the Venetian

Pardon the horrible quality of the photos. My "camera" is just barely a phone, much less a camera.

Yep, they dyed the "Grand Canal" at the Venetian green for St. Patrick's Day.

MIX09 swag (initial)

Not pictured: a fairly innocuous black tote bag (a welcome change from the white-tarp-purses from last year), and a black T-shirt. No berets this year (yet).

Will Microsoft release IE8 at MIX09? | Hubdub

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A warm, moist USB coccoon

Mummify yourself with USB warmers:

Plus, there seem to be a huge amount of USB mug warmers:

It's almost as if sticking a heating element on a 5V power supply isn't all that difficult.

Also, there must be quite a few cold offices out there.