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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Highlighting Text or Fields in Windows

How does Windows always incorrectly guess whether I want a field (such as a browser address bar) fully selected when I click it? It must use a similar algorithm to how it incorrectly judges when to suddenly highlight entire words when that is not my intention.

This is what I get for not using the keyboard exclusively, I guess.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why are people still using IE6?

Dean Hachamovitch has an article, IEBlog : Engineering POV: IE6, on the IEBlog, about IE6's continued use. Basically, many IE6 users think it works fine for them, and don't see a reason to upgrade (note to malware authors: these people and IT departments should be easy exploits for some time yet).

Yes, keep "users in control of their PCs" (I assume this means Microsoft will allow me to uninstall their DRM layer in Windows 7?).

This does not mean people should have the expectation that the entire Internet should support Netscape 1.0, Lynx, WebTV 1.0, or MSIE 6. The Internet evolves (as do the security threats). If users want a static environment, they should go pick up a CD-ROM encyclopedia from 1992.

Sure, if a company wants to cater to the IE6 audience, they should spend the time, but I'd bet that someone unwilling or unable to upgrade to a secure web browser isn't as likely to be profitable enough to justify all of the extra work that requires.

I do have to observe that since Microsoft has lived by inertia, the reason IE usage grew for so long, and the reason Windows has utterly dominated for so many years, that it's refreshing to see them cursed by inertia, having to support Windows XP and IE6 for years to come.

Microsoft won't be able to kill XP/IE6 any more than the financial industry has been able to completely kill COBOL.