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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is the end of IE6 finally in sight?

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Word on the street is that July 13, 2010 is the official end of life for IE6. Maybe it'll get extended, but Digg has already dropped support, Google Sites and Docs will on March 1, 2010, Google has announced YouTube will drop support March 13, 2010, and Microsoft has been encouraging users to upgrade.

There have been efforts toward, and hopes and predictions of IE6's death in the past, and maybe some (primarily corporate) users may continue to use it anyway. However, Google provides huge momentum, and news coverage, discussion, angry T-shirts, and voodoo dolls are going to make justification of coasting along on IE6 much harder from now on. Norway has been in the fight for a while, there's a petition to pull IE6 from the UK government, and even the hubris of a funeral for IE6.

It just seems like the time is right to spend less time on crazy, quixotic fixes, and invest some time (at least for a while) helping educate or encourage users to make a better browser decision.

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