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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The New Caste System

Welcome to the new caste system. You are either a Creator (noble) or a Consumer (pleb/serf).

Plebs don't get to own anything, like the music, movies, books, or software they buy; they may only license what they purchase. No one without an existing defensive copyright/patent portfolio will be able to become a Creator, since "creation" is only achieved by transforming or combining existing ideas.

Slowly, the scope will creep as you are required to pay a periodic license fee for the architecture you live in, the design of the furniture you use, the clothing and shoes you wear, &c.

Punishment for unauthorized copying/use ("piracy") will just get more draconian, initially as entire households are excommunicated from the Internet for unsubstantiated accusation by the corporate scanbots, but ultimately as "intellectual" "property" (imaginary property) enforcement provides an excuse for capricious, arbitrary, and unlimited affronts to legal rights of protestors and dissidents.

So, anyway, happy Wednesday.