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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Ideal Wiki

  • A complete, powerful, standard wiki dialect with full HTML5 elements support.
  • Easy to modify wiki-wide CSS.
  • Good media management for uploading/pasting images and other media content.
  • Good table support, including simple native embedded CSV/TSV/PSV/SKV/LOG data, full CALS Table Model support, and numeric/monetary column detection and alignment, leveraging something like accounting.js.
  • Support for article tags (keyword metadata), and dynamically-built lists of articles with a given tag.
  • Built-in icons or symbols, like Font Awesome.
  • Built-in syntax highlighting (like highlight.js).
  • Integration with javascript graphing libraries, or text-description-driven diagramming tools, like:
  • Modularity for additional extensions and libraries.
  • Support for context expiration alerts and requests for review/moderation.
  • Full export and a programmable interface to search/read/add/modify/delete articles.