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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A simple PowerShell script to copy scheduled tasks from one machine (often much older) to another.
Copy scheduled jobs from another computer to this one, using a GUI list to choose jobs.
.Parameter ComputerName
The name of the computer to copy jobs from.
.Parameter DestinationComputerName
The name of the computer to copy jobs to (local computer by default).
[Parameter(Position=1)][Alias('To','Destination')][string]$DestinationComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME
$TempXml= [io.path]::GetTempFileName()
$CredentialCache = @{}
function Get-CachedCredentials([Parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=0)][string]$UserName)
    { $CredentialCache.Add($UserName,(Get-Credential -Message "Enter credentials for $UserName tasks" -UserName $UserName)) }
function ConvertFrom-Credential([Parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=0,ValueFromPipeline=$true)]$Credential)
{ $Credential.GetNetworkCredential().Password }
schtasks /query /s $ComputerName /v /fo csv |
    ConvertFrom-Csv |
    ogv -p -t 'Select jobs to copy' |
    select TaskName,'Run As User' -Unique |
    % {
        schtasks /query /s $ComputerName /tn $_.TaskName /xml ONE |Out-File -Encoding unicode $TempXml
        schtasks /create /s $DestinationComputerName /tn $_.TaskName /ru ($_.'Run As User') `
            /rp (Get-CachedCredentials $_.'Run As User' |
            ConvertFrom-Credential) /xml $TempXml
        rm $TempXml

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