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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Using SQL Type Providers and FSharp.Charting to generate an email report with inline charts in F#

open System
// Needed to send an email with the charts.
open System.Net.Mail
open System.Net.Mime
// Needed for FSharp.Charting's ShowChart() method.
#r "System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization"

// Tip: Create a paket.dependencies file to install FSharp.Data.SqlClient and FSharp.Charting.
//   see http://fsprojects.github.io/Paket/
#I @".\packages\FSharp.Data.SqlClient\lib\net40"
#r "FSharp.Data.SqlClient"
open FSharp.Data
#I @".\packages\FSharp.Charting\lib\net40"
#r "FSharp.Charting"
open FSharp.Charting

// Install the AdventureWorks2014 database from 
// https://msftdbprodsamples.codeplex.com/releases/view/125550
// With VS installed, you should be able to unzip 
// Adventure Works 2014 OLTP Script.zip into
// C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Samples\Adventure Works 2014 OLTP Script
// (depending on version) then run something like
// sqlcmd.exe -E -S "(localdb)\ProjectV12" -i instawdb.sql
// (from that directory, running in a PowerShell or cmd prompt as admin).

/// Use the SQL Server Type Provider to define a type-safe query for the top products (by $ amount)
/// summary order amount statistics by date.
type OrderCmd = SqlCommandProvider<"
select p.Name, p.ProductID, o.OrderDate, sum(od.LineTotal) Total, 
       min(od.LineTotal) MinAmt, max(od.LineTotal) MaxAmt, 
       avg(od.LineTotal) AvgAmt, coalesce(stdev(od.LineTotal),0.0) StDevAmt, 
       (max(od.LineTotal) - min(od.LineTotal)) / 2 + min(od.LineTotal) MedianAmt
  from Production.Product p
  join Sales.SalesOrderDetail od
    on p.ProductID = od.ProductID
  join Sales.SalesOrderHeader o
    on od.SalesOrderID = o.SalesOrderID
 where p.ProductID in (select top 5 pod.ProductID from Sales.SalesOrderDetail pod 
       group by pod.ProductID order by sum(pod.LineTotal) desc)
   and o.OrderDate between '2014-03-01' and '2014-03-31'
 group by p.ProductID, p.Name, o.OrderDate
 order by p.ProductID, o.OrderDate
","server=(localdb)\ProjectsV12;database=AdventureWorks2014;integrated security=SSPI">
/// An instance of the query type.
let getOrders = new OrderCmd()

/// Converts a product name, record sequence tuple into a product name, sum total amount tuple.
let productTotal (n,p:OrderCmd.Record seq) = 
    n, Seq.sumBy (fun (d:OrderCmd.Record) -> d.Total.Value) p
/// Converts a record into a date, max amount tuple if it differs from the average amount.
let dateMax = 
    | (d:OrderCmd.Record) when d.MaxAmt.Value <> d.AvgAmt.Value 
        -> Some (d.OrderDate, d.MaxAmt.Value) 
    | _ -> None
/// Converts a record into a date, standard deviation of amount tuple if one exists.
let dateStDev = 
    | (d:OrderCmd.Record) when d.StDevAmt.Value <> 0.0 
        -> Some (d.OrderDate, float d.AvgAmt.Value + d.StDevAmt.Value) 
    | _ -> None
/// Converts a record into a date, average amount tuple.
let dateAvg (d:OrderCmd.Record) = d.OrderDate, d.AvgAmt.Value

/// Collects the records by product name, caching to prevent re-reading from a closed data reader.
let products = getOrders.Execute() |> Seq.cache |> Seq.groupBy (fun o -> o.Name)

/// Saves a chart to a temporary file, and returns a LinkedResource object for emailing.
let saveChart (c:ChartTypes.GenericChart) = 
    let file = IO.Path.ChangeExtension(IO.Path.GetTempFileName(),"png")
    // Needed to render to file. This is a workaround for bug #38
    // see https://github.com/fsharp/FSharp.Charting/issues/38
    // (This will display a window with the chart.)
    c.ShowChart() |> ignore
    new LinkedResource(file,"image/png")

// For each product, build a compound chart, then append those to a list containing the 
// summary pie chart, and save them all for emailing.
/// The collection of charts, as LinkResource objects for emailing.
let charts =
        |> Seq.toList
        |> List.map 
            (fun (p,o) -> 
                    [ Chart.Point(Title=p,Color=Drawing.Color.Red,
                        data=Seq.choose dateMax o)
                        data=Seq.choose dateStDev o)
                        data=Seq.map dateAvg o) ]))
        |> List.append 
            [Chart.Pie(Title="Top 5 Products, March 2014",
                data=Seq.map productTotal products)]
        |> List.map saveChart

/// Sends an email to the given address, with the given subject, using the LinkedResource 
/// objects as inline images in the body of the message.
let sendCharts (t:string) s c =
    /// The email message, initialized with the subject value.
    /// The default from address is set in machine.config's
    /// /configuration/system.net/mailSettings/smtp/@from
    let email = new MailMessage(Subject=s)
    /// The HTML body of the email: inline images of the provided LinkedResource objects.
    let body = 
        List.map (fun (i:LinkedResource) -> 
                    sprintf "<div><img src='cid:%s' /></div>" i.ContentId) c 
            |> String.concat "\n"
    /// Create the body as an AlternateView object, to support inline images.
    use view = 
            ContentType MediaTypeNames.Text.Html)
    Seq.iter view.LinkedResources.Add c
    /// The SMTP sender, configured in the machine.config's
    /// /configuration/system.net/mailSettings element.
    use send = new SmtpClient()

// Send the email.
sendCharts "test@example.net" "Top Products Charts" charts